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How to share a video review of Picmonic
How to share a video review of Picmonic
Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

We want to hear how Picmonic has helped you! Please follow the guidelines below to submit a video review of Picmonic.

💝 BONUS: Score 3 months of free Picmonic Premium if we post your submission! Plus get automatically entered into our monthly free Picmonic T-shirt raffle.

Lights, Camera, Action:

  1. Find a quiet place. Turn off fans and silence HVAC. Nowhere is 100% quiet - just try to find a quiet place alone.

  2. Find a chair or seat that doesn't rock or swivel. Or you can stand, but try to stay still - position yourself so you don’t move around in the frame.

  3. Place your webcam between you and a light source. This could be a lamp or a window. Try to minimize light from other sources especially from behind you or to your sides.

  4. Think of your background. Find something plain and simple. Avoid distractions like pictures of people or large writing in the frame with you.

  5. Try to make "eye contact" with the camera - avoid looking at yourself. If you're having trouble doing this, draw a pair of eyes on a sticky note and put it right next to the camera. Boom! Instant eye contact.

  6. Frame yourself from the middle of your shot. Pretend you're a news anchor! Think of how they are positioned on the screen.

Record your video:

  1. Who are you? Introduce yourself and state who you are and what & where you're studying. For example, "Hey there! I’m Brooke Jones and I'm a nursing student at Arizona State University."

  2. Answer the question, "How do I learn with Picmonic?" Speak honestly about why you like using Picmonic.

  3. Address the audience directly. Don’t forget to give Picmonic shout outs in your testimony! Meaning instead of saying “You guys are awesome” or “Your video’s rock” use “Picmonic is awesome” or “Picmonic’s video’s rock”!

  4. Keep your review under 2-minutes. The best videos are short and sweet, so try keeping the review concise and clear when addressing what you like about Picmonic.

  5. Speak naturally and clearly. Don't try to memorize lines or read from a script because those will often come out unnaturally. Don’t be afraid to use bullet point notes and keep going if you stumble!

Once you're done recording, click below to upload your video 👇

Still not quite sure where to start? Here's an awesome example:

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