Educators are at the heart of what we do! From start to finish, you play a critical role in the development and refinement of Picmonic, and we strive to make products that work in real schools, to reach all learners.

In appreciation for your investment in Picmonic and your students, we're offering an opportunity for you.

Share Picmonic, Earn a Donation to your Classroom ๐Ÿ’

Love how much Picmonic is helping your students succeed? Please pay it forward and share this valuable resource with fellow educators and institutions so we can help them too!

As a show of appreciation for every new Dean, Curriculum Director, or Resource Decision Maker that you introduce us to, and they get on a Zoom call with us you get:

  1. A $50 donation to help with much-needed learning supplies.

  2. 10 Free subscriptions for you to grant to students.

How to share Picmonic with a Dean, Curriculum Director, or Resource Decision Maker:

  1. Send an email introducing Picmonic and CC (below is an email template for you)

  2. Your "Contact" sets up a Zoom call with us

  3. You get a gift card and 10 subscriptions to giveaway

Have questions? Just email us at and we'll be happy to answer them!

***feel free to modify and add to the email template below***

Hello (Dean)!

I found a HOT tool to help my students and me!

Are you familiar with Picmonic? Itโ€™s a mnemonic learning platform that has been research-proven to increase test scores by 50% and long-term memory retention by over 330%, enabling us to provide our students with a highly cost-effective learning platform. My students love the thousands of mnemonic videos and quizzes covering the most critical topics in XXXXX school courses and for exam prep.

The Picmonic Learning System also provided me with a real-time student progress dashboard to help evaluate student performance, spot learning gaps, and identify students who are struggling.

My students are now more prepared for class and more engaged in their learning.

To learn more about Picmonic, please click HERE to schedule a brief NO OBLIGATION Zoom with my Picmonic liaison when your schedule allows, and please include MY name in the notes in the form, thanks!

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