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What are community Picmonics?
Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

In 2016, we developed the Picmonic Generator to empower the world to take mnemonic studying into their own hands. Since then, over 15,000 Community Picmonics have been created! Now, you can learn from students like yourself. You can easily identify if a Picmonic was made by Picmonic or a fellow user by viewing the author's name under the title. For example, this is a community Picmonic created by Carlos Velez:

The authors/creators have the ability to add facts, audio, and more but it is completely up to their discretion. This is why you may not hear any audio, be able to “play”, etc. on that specific Picmonic.

Picmonic also has Verified Community Picmonics which are created by healthcare professionals, like you! These verified community Picmonics are reviewed and vetted by our Picmonic Team. When scrolling through Picmonic, you can easily identify them by this orange icon:

We love hearing feedback so please reach out to us with any recommendations or rate the community Picmonics to let us, and the creators, know what information is helpful to include more of in the future!

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