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How does "inviting students to Picmonic" work?
How does "inviting students to Picmonic" work?
Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

How do I invite students?

Log in to On your Educator Dashboard, if you do not see a message to INVITE STUDENTS, click the Student & Class Management link in the top right. Then, create a class and you will be asked to invite students!

Do all my students really get 2 weeks of free access?
All NEW student accounts created through your invitation will receive 2 weeks of Picmonic Premium for free! Current student accounts matching an email you upload will also receive 2 weeks free, but that is limited to one time.

How many emails will be sent to my students?

Your students will receive only 1 invite email if they are new to Picmonic. Upon accepting the invite, they will be asked to agree to Picmonics Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, at which time they will be enrolled in our standard email series with helpful tips on maximizing the use of their free Picmonic account.

How does the 20% discount work?
First, you’re giving your students 2 weeks of Picmonic Premium for free so that they can validate that it will help them improve in school. After 2 weeks, students will be prompted to upgrade to Premium access.

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