Primary differences include:

Content Coverage:

  • Sketchy: Micro, Pharm & Pathology; longer in-depth videos meant to replace attending lectures

  • Picmonic: all topic areas covered on board exams; shorter videos designed for efficient review

Picmonic: 3 min videos vs. Sketchy: 5-45 min videos

Picmonic: video + quiz + spaced rep; Sketchy: video library and some quiz questions

Med Student Tips and Nursing Student Tips are great websites that highlight some of the differences between Picmonic and Sketchy.

Picmonic and Sketchy both aim to help students remember what they learn in school using the concept of picture-mnemonics and the Memory Palace. Students rave about the benefit of both resources, but there are a few strengths of Picmonic to keep in mind:

• Picmonic content is customizable, and students can add facts and create their own Picmonics. Thousands of new Picmonics are created and curated by our academic scholars every month.

• We strive to keep our content accurate and up to date with community moderation and our team of academic scholars

• Our mobile apps allow students to study on the go and offline.

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