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How do I apply a promo or discount code?
How do I apply a promo or discount code?

Apply a discount or promo code to your subscription purchase.

Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

Promo codes can be entered at the checkout page during the purchasing process via You'll see an area where you can enter a promo code, underneath the credit card fields. It looks like this: 

Simply enter in your promo code and click "APPLY CODE." 

It’s important to note the discount is only applicable for the first billing cycle! If you choose monthly billing it will only apply the discount to that first payment and then the subsequent payments will be the full price of the package. However, if you choose another plan, like the annual option, the discount will be off of the entire first year and you will save even more money! 

Only one Picmonic promo code can be applied per purchase, and cannot be used more than once. Promo codes may not be applied towards current specials and cannot be applied when subscribing via an Android or IOS device. 

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