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Why is Medical Terminology a separate product?
Why is Medical Terminology a separate product?

Why are med terms not part of your other subscriptions?

Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

We do our best to develop all our products with the most high yield and comprehensive library specific to the students in that respective market. Also, compared to competitors, we do not sell individual subjects, rather we try and make all the subjects per academic discipline available in one combined package. 

Medical Terminology was created as a standalone course, as it pertains to many healthcare disciplines and is considered more often than not, a pre-med course. Although it might be relevant to what you’re studying, unless you’re in a medical terminology course, it is not specifically required. This is why it is not included in the core package.

As a small 15-person startup company, it’s important that we use our resources as responsibly as possible. Creating a Picmonic requires time from academic experts, graphic illustrators, audio engineers, and project managers, which is costly. Developing an entire product is a huge time and financial investment. Ultimately, instead of raising our prices to be able to create new Add-Ons and areas of study, we’ve decided to allow students to subscribe to those upgrades only if they are interested.

We truly hope that you’re finding value in your Picmonic subscription and that if Medical Terminology is also a product that you find value in, that you’re willing to support us as we strive to support you in your journey. Either way, you can still always view 1 Medical Terminology Picmonic a day, as part of its free trial. 

If you want to see what is included in the Medical Terminology Add-On course, you can check out some more info here:

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