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How do I use Picmonic?

Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

The best way to learn how to get started with Picmonic is to join one of our quick webinars which are available every day! 

However, if webinars aren’t your thing then some quick tips to get started are below. 

A simple way to start using Picmonic is to Browse or Search for a topic. 

If you’re using the web application, then the menu options will be on your left-hand navigation bar.  Another way to find the content is by going to “Browse” and then either “Courses” or “Body Systems.” This is especially helpful if you’re in a specific course, such as Pharmacology, and hoping to easily scan all the content related to that course. 

Once you find the Picmonic you’d like to learn more about just click play and the Educational audio will begin! Next, the Story audio will play to provide a fun story to link all the character images together and really engrain the facts into memory. Using both audio modes to review and learn the Picmonic facts are a great way to ensure you learn the material. 

After learning a Picmonic, we highly recommend immediately taking the multiple-choice quiz. Our system tracks your learning progress and delivers a personalized quiz tailored to what you're learning so that you'll never forget the facts you need to know. The more you quiz, the more your Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition will populate with facts, and the more you will learn to conquer your upcoming exams! 

Once you’ve started completing the Daily Quiz, you can see your Streak Length from the  “My Stats” section of your homepage. 


Want some more information? Check out these quick and helpful videos to help you utilize Picmonic to the fullest!

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