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Why doesn’t Daily Quiz have more questions?
Why doesn’t Daily Quiz have more questions?

Why you may see less questions in your daily queue at times

Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

Daily Quiz takes many factors into consideration when designing your personalized quiz queue. Some factors include: how often you get an answer right/wrong, if a hint is used, how long it takes to answer, etc. If you get questions wrong, our system will prioritize those questions because it assumes you need to focus on them.

All quiz questions you answer are populated into the Daily Quiz. If you don’t have many questions in your queue, start viewing more Picmonics and completing the quizzes so there are more to incorporate into your Daily Quiz! 

Is your queue still low? This may be because you are just so incredible. If you tend to get most answers right, you'll still see those questions in your Daily Quiz, but it would take a bit more time for them to appear. 

This is the science behind Spaced Repetition :) 

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