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How are Picmonic and BoardVitals related?
How are Picmonic and BoardVitals related?
The Picmonic and BoardVitals partnership
Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

Picmonic has partnered with BoardVitals to create the ultimate dynamic study duo! BoardVitals offers NCLEX® question banks with comprehensive explanations and rationales to help you prepare with confidence for your upcoming exams. Their NCLEX® Qbanks feature Computer Adaptive Technology (CAT for short) to help you simulate testing conditions and are packed with new features to help you combat test anxiety.

The BoardVitals NCLEX® Banks cover more than 3,000 practice questions — 2,800+ NCLEX-RN® and 900+ NCLEX-PN® questions — to help you pass your exam with confidence. These questions were written and reviewed with care by nurses who have recently taken the exam and educators who have experience writing real exam questions. Even better, BoardVitals gives you the ability to compare your performance against the national average and a 100% Pass Guarantee, plus new features to help you become better equipped to tackle the NCLEX®.

When you add BoardVitals to your Picmonic, you create a bulletproof study plan to help you conquer the NCLEX® the first time, and save yourself from study stress. Even better, Picmonic has a Pass the NCLEX Guarantee too ;)

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