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How can I use Picmonic offline?

Learn with Picmonic offline with our iOS & Android mobile apps!

Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

Are you going on a trip off the grid? Or bored while waiting in line at the grocery store? Wherever you are and wherever you go, you can now use the playlist feature on iOS & Android apps offline! 

Simply put all the Picmonics you want to study offline on a Playlist. Then, toggle the "offline mode" button at the top right of your playlist and they’ll begin to download! 

Heads up: Super large playlists may take a long time to download, may cause issues with the downloaded files or may crash your app. Try to keep them short and sweet!

Now you can take Picmonic wherever your internet can't go, or where you just don't want to use your data. 😀

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