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What is a Picmonic Verified Creator?
What is a Picmonic Verified Creator?
Written by Erin Sunderlin
Updated over a week ago

Anyone can create their own Picmonic (even free members). But Verified Creators get the backing of the Picmonic Team of experts.

A Picmonic Verified Creator is a Picmonic user who has:

  1. 100+ Picmonics created

  2. 50+ highly rated Picmonics (at least 100 ratings averaging 4 stars and up)

  3. Can verify education/mastery of field by meeting various academic requirements (differs based on area of study)

Once a Picmonic user has met all of these requirements, our team may review their creations and elect to invite them to apply as a Verified Creator. The Verified Community Picmonics available in Search, Browse, and the Home Screen have been vetted and approved by the Picmonic Scholar team.ย 

You have the ability to enable/disable Verified Community content from search and browse in your โ€œSite Settings.โ€ย 

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